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Direct Payments

Care by Social Services

The social care system has evolved into two separate plans, residential care and hourly visiting care (domiciliary care).

Visiting care consists of up to 4 visit a day, the carers are always rushed and committed to a timetable to squeeze multiple visits a day. Frequently this service is just not enough; and most local authority caseworkers do not offer live-in care as an option.

Residential care can be expensive and changes in personality. The unfamiliar surroundings and the change of routine can be disorientating and isolating.

The local authority’s caseworkers will offer adequate but minimal care packages, our live-in care route offers to meet all your needs, your way.

The Solution is to opt for Direct Payments

Direct Payments are offered by local authorities, after assessing your care needs, they provide you with an amount to pay for your care. This gives you and your family the choices, who how and when.

The Care Organisation can help you and your family guide through the local authority schemes and liaising with your caseworker.

The Care Organisation can administer your Direct Payments for you or your loved one or liaise with the local council’s direct payment proivder.

The Care Organisation offer a 7 day a week support service