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Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answer to some of the questions we are usually asked. We hope you find this information useful, however if you have any additional questions, please contact us.
01. What is an introductory agency?
As an introductory agency we will interview any potential Carer and carry out any relevant checks such as DBS, right to work in the UK, and professional references. We also ensure they have completed any training that is required. As an introductory agency we do not direct the care, giving the Client the freedom to direct care as they wish.
02. What needs to be provided for the live in Carer?
A live in Carer would need to have their own bedroom with space to store their belongings. The Carers would also need to be provided with food, often they will eat the same food as the Client cooking a little extra and join them at mealtimes, unless the Client prefers to eat alone. An average cost for carer food should be no more than £30 week.
03. How long do live in Carers stay?
We are able to accommodate any length of time you may require a Carer. Many of our Carers will work on a 2-week or 3 week shift pattern, so if someone is required on a long term basis we will endeavour to maintain continuity of care.
04. What visiting care options do you provide?
The Care Organisation does not offer visiting care appointments.
05. Will my live in Carer get up over night?
Live in Carers are in the house overnight should there be an emergency. Occasionally when someone is unwell they may need extra attention at night. The live in Carers are happy to help in these situations but may request some extra time off during the day to get some sleep. There is an extra charge for the Carer if they are called overnight of £10 per call. The Carer should not be getting up more than twice a night. If the Client gets up regularly overnight then extra night care may need to be organised as a live in Carer will not be able to sustain the level of care required if they are not getting enough sleep.
06. Do you cover nights?
We are able to provide live in Carers who will cover nights. They would need the same accommodation as a day time live in Carer and should be able to sleep during the day without being disturbed. They will then be awake with the Client all night to provide them with the care that they need.
07. Do the Carers drive?
Many of our Carers hold a drivers licence and would be able to drive the Clients’ car if appropriate car insurance is arranged. We are unable to guarantee a car driver but will always do our best to provide this if it has been requested. The majority of our Carers do not have their own cars.
08. Can I contact you out of office hours?
We do operate an on call service at weekends. If there is an emergency outside of our regular office hours (8am – 6pm Monday to Friday) then you can call the office number and you will be provided with a mobile number. This will be answered by one of office team, between the hours of 8am and 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays, who will be happy to help in any way they can.
09. What locations do you cover?
Our Carers are happy to travel anywhere in the UK. Depending on their visa status many of them are also happy to travel outside of the UK to accompany Clients on trips if this is needed.

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